Mandatory Mediation in India - Resolving to Resolve




Issue: Mar-Apr 2021

This paper explores the concept of mandatory mediation as a solution for reducing pendency in the traditional court system. After discussing the concept of mediation and the existing regulatory framework governing it in India, this paper identifies the problems afflicting mediation in India. It proceeds to examine how many of these problems can be overcome by making mediation mandatory. It discusses the benefits of mandatory mediation and attempts to address some concerns surrounding it. To zero-in on the most appropriate model for introducing mandatory mediation India, this paper looks at how mandatory mediation has fared in other jurisdictions like the European Union, Australia, the United States and Italy. This paper finally recommends that India should introduce a modified version of the Italian opt-out model of mandatory mediation in the country in a phased manner.


Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Mandatory Mediation, Italian Opt-Out Model, Pendency


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Authors Bio

Deepika Kinhal, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy

Deepika Kinhal is Senior Resident Fellow and leads the Judicial Reforms work at Vidhi.

Apoorva _, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy

Apoorva is a Research Fellow at Vidhi